Houston Marijuana Charge Defense Attorney

Even though marijuana has been legalized or is in the process of being legalized in several states, possession and use of marijuana in the state of Texas is still illegal. Texas also lacks any provision for the use of marijuana in a medical capacity. Any marijuana charge that you are presented with could potentially leave you facing prison and excessive fines.

If you are caught in possession of marijuana with or without the intent to sell, you will need the representation of a local attorney. An experienced attorney who is familiar with the way drug convictions are heard and handled in Houston will be the best asset you have in getting charges dropped or reduced. For anyone who has been wrongfully accused of a marijuana offense, the experience can be frightening and confusing.

The attorneys at the Law Office of David A. Breston have been handling marijuana and other drug related defense cases with successful results for the last decade. We understand the intricacies of the laws in Texas surrounding the possession and sale of marijuana. Having experience in prosecution cases gives our attorneys the understanding needed to defend cases and client rights under the law.

Penalties for Marijuana Crimes

Marijuana crimes include the cultivation, possession, sale, and use of marijuana in the state of Texas. Depending on the amount and location where a person is apprehended, the penalties under the law vary from up to 180 days in jail to life imprisonment and a fine from $2,000 to $50,000. A conviction may also lead to the loss of a driver’s license for a year and further charges. Felony charges almost always feature sentencing that includes prison time, community service, and fines.

In addition to the substance itself, it is also illegal to make, sell, and possess drug paraphernalia. While the penalties for paraphernalia are lesser than those of substance use and possession, selling paraphernalia can lead to jail time and fines. One final note on the penalties for being convicted of a marijuana related crime is that any sales activities regarding marijuana that can be proven will be taxed $3.50 for every gram or part of a gram found under the stamp tax.

In some cases, a conviction may lead to a rehabilitation program or probation. These are usually for misdemeanor crimes and first time offenders. To understand what opportunities you have for alternative sentencing, you’ll need to contact a local attorney.

Seek the Help of a Trusted Attorney

If you are apprehended with marijuana or in a complicated situation that leads to your being charged with marijuana related crime, always ask to contact your lawyer. Only with your lawyer present should you willingly submit to questioning surrounding your case. While it is the primary function of the judicial system to serve justice, sometimes proving guilt at all costs can get in the way of that prime directive. Allow our attorneys to help you navigate the complex waters surrounding marijuana charges.

To understand the scope of your case and what you may be facing, initiate a consultation with our attorneys today. Every case is a little bit different when it comes to marijuana charges, but each case is important in order to protect your reputation, relationships, and dignity. We fight for every case with equal vigor and strength.

For misdemeanors and felonies, our attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights and protection against the charges made against you until the best possible outcome is reached. We always aim to prevent any charges from appearing in a permanent criminal record. Whether the case results in a simple dismissal or requires our diligence in securing your rehabilitation and an extended trial, we work with each client on an individual and personalized basis.