Houston Sex Offenses Attorney

Sex-related charges are hard to handle - from the embarrassment you may be feeling to the difficulty of showing that an incident either didn't happen or didn't happen as it is being portrayed, you may not even know where to begin developing a defense. Sex cases involving children in particular are tough - it seems as though everyone wants to believe the child and nobody really cares what you have to say.

At the David A. Breston Law Office, we care about your side of the story. We have seen too many cases where the child in question is not exhibiting characteristics of having been sexually abused, or where the evidence is just so shaky that it is hard to comprehend how the case was charged in the first place. We don't want to judge you - we just want to help you defend against these charges.

We get involved in many sex-related cases long before a person is charged with the crime. If you are under investigation for a sexual offense, get in touch with us immediately. We may be able to keep the case from going too far.

Some clients that hire me do not want to fight the case against them. However, the prosecution in these cases frequently wants the defendant to do prison time. This is why it is essential that the defendant hire a qualified attorney who has experience with these types of cases. I can get you into treatment and look for mitigating evidence so that I can try and convince either a prosecutor, judge, or jury to give you probation

In most of my cases where my clients deny committing the sex offense, I retain the services of John Swartz who will conduct a polygraph examination of you. If you pass the exam, we will present it to the state to see if the charges will be dropped. If you fail the exam, the test and its results are confidential, so it won't turn up in the state's case against you.

Another avenue we will explore is whether you fit the profile of an individual who would commit these types of offenses. We have psychiatrists who can help make this determination, as well as determining whether the child is now exhibiting characteristics usually seen in a child who has been sexually abused. We also work with an investigator, Amanda Belshaw, who worked for child protective services at one point. She can examine any videotaped interviews of the child to determine whether the child was actually reporting incidents he or she had experienced, or whether his or her memory was being improperly enhanced by the interviewer. Donne' Breston, in our office, also lends her special expertise and unique perspective to these cases. She is a former kindergarten teacher, and can help us judge what is going on with the child who is accusing you.

If you are facing any type of sex related charges - indecency with a child, rape, statutory rape, aggravated sexual assault, possession of child pornography, or internet porn - and are located in Houston, Harris County, Richmond, Fort Bend County, Angleton, Brazoria County, Galveston, Galveston County, Conroe, Montgomery County, Anahuac, Chambers County, Liberty, Liberty County, Beaumont, Jefferson County, Hempstead, Waller County, Huntsville, or Walker County, the staff and attorneys at the David A. Breston Law Office can help you. Contact us today to see what our experience and dedication can do for you.